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Damage Restoration Tips After a Tornado

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Once you’ve ensured that everyone in your family is unharmed after a tornado, it’s natural to turn your attention to the extent of the damage to your property. Since tornados have the ability to create widespread and unparalleled damage to even the most well-made structures, you may not know where to begin. Following these steps can help you begin the process of restoring your home to its pre-storm condition.

Structural Integrity

The condition of your home after a tornado passes will depend largely on how close the tornado came to you and the type of debris it carried with it. A relatively small tornado may not do much damage to your home’s structure, but a larger tornado can do significant damage from farther away. If there are any breaches in your home’s exterior, your first order of business will be to call in a contractor to assess the extent of the structural damage to your home.

Although your home will likely need other work as well, restoring its structural integrity will ensure that your home is safe to be in when you start on interior cleanup and repairs.

Major Systems

While it’s normal to focus your concern on issues with the roof or holes in the exterior, the major systems of your home can be hit hard by severe storms. A general contractor may be able to provide a cursory review of these systems, but it will ultimately require a host of specialists to fully evaluate their condition and restore them to functionality. Your home’s major systems can include:

  • Electrical
  • Gas
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Septic.

Because of the highly specialized nature of repairs each system will require, it’s usually best to call in a professional rather than trying to tackle them yourself.

Water Damage

Even if your area did flood as part of the severe storm cell that moved through your area, exterior breaches and significant roof damage can allow quite a bit of water to get into your home as the storm moves through. Since water can quickly soak into carpet and walls, you won’t always know the true nature of the damage water creates just by looking at it. Calling in a water damage professional is the best way to ensure that all the water is properly removed from both the surfaces you can see and those that you can’t.

Remember, allowing moisture to stay hidden inside your walls is a recipe for mold formation, which has the potential to make your family sick.

Safety Concerns

Depending on exactly how hard your home was hit by the tornado, it may be unwise to attempt to enter to gather your belongings. Between the potential for structural damage and electrical issues, it’s best to wait until your home has been inspected to attempt to enter. This can especially be the case when the condition of your electrical system is unknown and there’s standing water, as this combination could lead to severe and possibly even fatal shocks.

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