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Curtain Room Divider Solutions for Apartments

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A curtain room divider can be used to add a little much needed privacy in apartments or even to divide up spaces within studio apartments; a divider can also be used to create an impromptu guest bedroom. If you are thinking about purchasing a curtain divider for your apartment read these helpful tips first.

Curtain Room Divider Styles and Designs

Curtain room dividers come in an endless selection of styles and designs – from thick paneled fold out curtains to soft and wispy hanging curtains. You can choose from beaded curtains, velvet curtains, patterned curtains, solid color curtains and even thick hemp fiber curtains. Curtain room divider hangers also come in different styles from tracks that install on the ceiling and stretch across the room, to easy-install hanging rods to rolling metal frames.

If you are a long term renter interested in a sturdy curtain divider that will stretch across the entire room, talk with your landlord about installing ceiling tracks – your landlord may even go in with you on the cost of the divider. If you are a short-term renter, or you are looking for a low-cost easy divider, a hanging rod or portable metal frame curtain divider will probably be your best solution.

Curtain Room Divider Pros and Cons

Curtain room dividers offer quick, easy and affordable dividing solutions for apartments, and the dividers barely take up any space. However, a curtain divider is not always the best choice in some situations:

  • You may not want to invest in a curtain divider if you own pets that enjoy climbing or chewing – many curtain dividers have retired early thanks to inquisitive kittens, teething puppies and playful pets.
  • Curtain dividers with tracks installed on the ceiling are best if young children are in the home. Babies and toddlers may grab curtains on hanging rods or mobile frames and pull them down.

Curtain Room Divider Alternatives

If a curtain room divider may not be right in your apartment, you may find a solution with paneled room dividers, screen room dividers that install on the wall or even folding walls which can be installed on each side of a room. Most of these solutions are a little more expensive than curtain dividers, but they may provide a more durable divider solution if you need an extra room, added privacy or a temporary closed space within your apartment.

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