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concrete blocks

Benefits of Concrete Block Construction

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Decades ago, concrete block might have been characterized as a building material used for warehouses or basic, cookie-cutter houses. However, concrete blocks have evolved into a wonderful and versatile design product that is used in everything from lavish urban homes to tasteful country cottages. The many benefits of concrete block construction are listed below:

Fire and Wind Resistance

By eliminating the wood framework found in most homes, homeowners benefit from a sturdy construction that is more likely to survive in the event of a catastrophe. Concrete homes are far less likely to suffer damage in the event of a fire. If damage does occur, the structural integrity of the home typically remains intact, allowing for easier rebuilding.

Do you live in hurricane or earthquake territory? If so, concrete bricks can be reinforced with steel to help protect against high winds or earth tremors. Not only does this help protect you and your investment in the event of a tragedy, but it also may help reduce your homeowner’s insurance.

Termite Resistance

Termites are houseguests that no homeowner wants to invite into their home. Since concrete block homes eliminate wood from the construction design, you needn’t worry about termite infestations when living in a concrete house. Similarly, concrete homes are not susceptible to dry rot and other long-term issues associated with wood construction. As such, concrete blocks are a highly durable construction material that can keep your home looking like new for years to come.

Practical and Flexible Design

Concrete block can be used to build just about any type of house feature imaginable. Columns, archways and other intricate designs are all easily achieved with the material. Additionally, all sizes of houses – from one-story bungalows to three-story mansions – can be achieved with concrete blocks.

Homes designed with concrete are also more energy efficient than traditional homes. This is because concrete serves as an excellent insulator that retains both cold and heat. Additionally, concrete block homes create a tighter seal between each block when compared to traditional homes. This minimizes wall leaks that serve to reduce insulation.

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