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What you Need to Know About Commercial Window Cleaning

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There is a wide range of commercial window cleaning services throughout the United States. Many of them offer very similar services at varying prices. When you are looking for a commercial window cleaning services there are a number of things you should bear in mind.

What type of commercial window cleaning service do you need?

Most commercial window cleaning services offer several different scales of window cleaning. The first is the most basic window cleaning and usually consists of simply washing the windows with soap and water. This service can be provided for just external windows or interior also. The second level of cleaning is known as a ‘construction clean.’ This generally involves an abrasive cleaning of the windows with special scrub pads to remove all foreign objects and a wiping down of the window sill. The third and most intensive level involves vacuuming the complete window frame, removal of loose caulk or paint and removal of oxidization. The glass and frame are thoroughly scrubbed and the windows and frames are cleaned with a chamois on the inside.

What kind of schedule do you want for your commercial window cleaning?

Commercial window cleaning services usually offer cleanings on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and annual schedule.

Do commercial window cleaning services offer a guarantee?

Most reputable services offer a guarantee that there will be no streaks, runs or drips. Many also guarantee to re-do the job within fourteen days if you are not satisfied.

What kind of training do commercial window cleaners have?

Professional commercial window cleaners are trained in cutting edge safety standards including practical rigging, rope access and fall protection as well as high rise window cleaning.

What other services do commercial window cleaners offer?

Many commercial window cleaning services also provide a number of other services including pressure washing, removal of landscape debris and removal of bird’s nests and wasp nests.

Are commercial window cleaning services insured?

Reputable window cleaning services carry workers compensation, general liability and automobile insurance. If you require any other insurance they will usually obtain it.

Can I get an estimate before I hire them?

Yes. Professional commercial window cleaning services will visit your building and offer you a full estimate based on your need with no commitment.

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