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What you Need to Know About Commercial Rug Cleaners

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If you have authentic rugs in your office such as Persian or oriental rugs you will require the services of specialist commercial rug cleaners. Having your rugs cleaned regularly by such professional will maintain the style and beauty of the rug and also increase its longevity.

Authentic rug cleaning requires the skill of trained commercial rug cleaners who know how to clean the rugs without causing any damage that will depreciate the rug’s beauty or value. This type of rug cleaning procedure requires specialized cleaning solutions and sometimes special facilities for rugs that cannot be cleaned on site.

Expert commercial rug cleaners know how to wash and dry authentic rugs in such a way as to protect the life of the rug. They can also give advice on the best way to maintain the rug between cleanings.

Though some commercial rug cleaners offer to clean authentic rugs onsite this can be problematic because the effects of regular cleaners on the natural dyes and materials may be negative and cause colors to bleed or fade and even breakdown of fibers. On site cleaning often does not guarantee the complete removal of cleaning solutions or complete drying, which can result in the development of mildew. For this reason it is best to choose a commercial rug cleaner that has facilities to take your rug to and clean it safely with a guarantee that it will not be damaged.

If you own one or more authentic rugs you are serious about its value and do not want to risk the disappointment of having it damaged or destroyed by an inexperienced and ill-qualified commercial rug cleaner. For this reason, you will need a professional rug cleaner who is trained in the care and maintenance of authentic rugs, one who guarantees quality service and who is insured against possible damages.

Professional commercial rug cleaners often also offer other services such as prevention of mildew and dry rot, repair of tears and tattered fringes which are best repaired by hand. Expert fug handlers will make these repairs so that your rug looks just like the day it was bought.

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