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Family at dining table at Christmas

Christmas Party Planner ‐ Deciding on the Ideal Food

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Whether you are planning your own party or working with a professional Christmas party planner, coming up with the perfect food for a Christmas party can be challenging. Planning a Christmas party that has plenty of delicious food and that will make the guests remember it for long after the festivities is somewhat of an art, and somewhat of a science. In particular, when you are considering what foods to serve at a Christmas party, there are many factors to take into account, including the tastes and interests of the guests, food allergies of anyone who might be attending, and also the budget that you are trying to stay within to make the whole affair a success. Fortunately, there are several categories of foods to serve at a Christmas party that will help make your party a great hit with all who attend.

Christmas Party Planner: Choosing Food for Your Party

The first category of food to serve at a Christmas party that you should consider is a wide variety of snack foods. Things like pretzels, chips, dips, vegetable trays, fruits, cheese and meat trays, and other light foods will allow guests to graze on different varieties of foods while they socialize and wait for the main course to be served. When serving snack foods at a Christmas party, try to consider foods that are not messy (for example, cheese curls, which leave an orange dust on your hands) as guests will likely be dressed up for the occasion. If you do serve messy foods, you will want to offer plenty of napkins.

The second category of foods to serve at a Christmas party is the soup and appetizer category. Things in this category include hot soups, shrimp, stuffed mushrooms, and other light foods that will whet the appetites of your guests who have moved beyond snack foods and who are eagerly awaiting the revelation of the main course. You should offer a wide variety of appetizers so that guests who have food allergies or who are on a diet will not feel left out, and any appetizers that you offer should be served hot or cold as appropriate. Make sure you think about the environment when talking to your caterer or Christmas party platter- if guests don’t have tables on which to set their food, don’t serve anything too hard for them to eat.

The final category of foods to serve at a Christmas party is the main course. There are a number of different main courses you can serve, but traditions for Christmas include goose, chicken, ham, or other large foods that will serve a number of guests, as well as salads and side dishes like candied yams, baked corn, and similar items that are seasonal and delicious.

By working with a good Christmas party planner and caterer, you can make sure your guests enjoy each bite of their dinner and that the entire affair is a great success.

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