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what to do if your car is towed in philadelphia

What to Do If Your Car Is Towed in Philadelphia

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Towing in Philadelphia is usually done by the Philadelphia Parking Authority, or the PPA. Occasionally the Philadelphia Police will order towing, but this is usually in situations where the vehicle is in an accident, blocking the road, or involved in a crime. If your car’s been towed from a Tow Away Zone or due to parking infractions, then it’s probably been towed by the PPA.

How Do I Find My Car?

When you find out that your car is missing, the first thing that you need to do is figure out whether it’s been towed or stolen. To do this, call the PPA at 888-591-3636. They’ll tell you if you car has been impounded or towed by the PPA, where it’s located, and what you need to do to get it back.

If the PPA doesn’t have any information on your car, then you should call the local police precinct where your car was towed. They’ll be able to tell you if the Philadelphia Police towed your car and help you file a police report if it was stolen instead of towed.

Where Do I Pay My Fines?

Before you can get your back from impound, you need to pay any and all outstanding traffic fines, as well as any towing or storage fees. This can be done at two locations:

Parking Violations Branch
913 Filbert Street

Parking Authority Impoundment Lot 1
2501 Weccacoe Avenue

Many cars will be located at the Weccacoe Avenue impound lot. If not, they’ll direct you to the lot where your car is located when you pay your fines.

What Do I Need to Get My Car Back?

In order to have your car released, you need the following items:

▪Your valid driver’s license

▪Current vehicle registration

▪Proof of current insurance for the vehicle

▪Cashier’s receipt(s) along with the accompanying BAA/PVB Release Authorization for payment and/or adjudication of the tow and storage charges

If your car was impounded through Live Stop, then you’ll also a release authorization from the Philadelphia Traffic Court that shows that you have paid all outstanding tickets.

As a note, cars that have not been claimed within 21 days are sold at public auction.

Booted Car Towing

Car boots are used by the PPA and Philadelphia Police when a vehicle has three or more unpaid parking tickets or red light tickets. To get the boot removed, you need to pay the total amount due, which includes any fines, fee, and penalties, as well as a $150 boot fee.

If you don’t resolve a booted car within 72 hours then the car will be towed. Booted cars may also be towed before the 72 hour period if they’re obstructing rush hour traffic or there’s a concern that the vehicle might be damaged.

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