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What to Do if Your Car is Towed in Omaha

What to Do if Your Car Is Towed in Omaha

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Getting towed is never fun, but keeping a cool head and focusing on the steps you need to take to get your car back is your best (and cheapest) option. The procedure is slightly different depending on whether your car was towed by the Omaha Police Department/Douglas County Sheriff’s Department or from private property by a tow company.

Police/Sheriff-Ordered Tows

If your car was abandoned, stolen, illegally parked, or towed because of unpaid tickets, it most likely will end up in the police impound lot. You should first contact them at 402-444-5782 to confirm that your car is there, and this is also the time to ask about the fees so you can come prepared.

To get your car out of the impound lot, you will need to bring the full amount of the fee (cash or credit card), as well as a photo ID, current registration or vehicle title, and current proof of insurance. Please note: the impound lot is only open from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, so don’t delay if you realize your car has been towed near the end of the workday or the end of the week.

If you think your car was towed for an inappropriate reason, you still shouldn’t delay in paying your fees. You have the option to pay the fees under protest. You’ll be provided with a form that you can fill out and file. Your claim will be investigated and the appropriate action taken to resolve it.

Private Tows

In the event of an unauthorized vehicle parked on private property (like a parking lot), it will most likely be towed by the private tow company that contracts with the business.

These tow companies often have different policies than the police impound, so your first step should be to look for a sign with their phone number and call. Once you’ve determined that they have your vehicle, ask them where it’s located, what the fees will be, and what documentation you need to bring to get it released. Don’t forget to ask what forms of payment they accept.

There are legal procedures all private tow companies must follow (for example, in some cases they must wait an hour to see if you’ll come back to your car before they’re allowed to tow it). There must be signs conspicuously posted and they must clearly state what parking is or isn’t allowed.

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