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What to Do When Your Car is Towed in Denver

What to Do If Your Car Is Towed in Denver

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Denver is different than many other municipalities in that cars are not alway automatically impounded. In fact, many times the car will simply be relocated to a nearby location and legally parked there. Other times the car will be impounded by the sheriff’s office.

If Your Car is Towed

When a vehicle is relocated by towing, you should call the Denver Police Non-Emergency Line at 720-913-2000. You’ll probably reach a recorded message, but can press 0 to talk to the operator, who can help you locate your vehicle. While this means that your car wasn’t impounded, you will still have to pay a $100 tow fee.

In general, this should be the first call you make, since the operator will have all the information needed. They’ll let you know if your car has been impounded or towed. If it’s not in the system at all, then it may be stolen, and they can take a police report right over the phone.

If Your Car is Impounded

There’s a variety of reasons why a car would be impounded instead of towed, such as blocking traffic, parked on railroad tracks, and more. Probably the most common are when the car has exceeded the 72-hour boot limit or was in a tow away zone.

The impound lot can be contacted at 720-865-0470, and is located at:

5160 York Street

Denver, Colorado 80216

The towing fee for an impounded vehicle is  $120 (Under 6000 pounds), and there’s a storage fee of $20/day. As a note, they only accept cash or credit card. Personal check and money orders are not accepted. In order to get your car back, you’ll have to prove:

  1. Ownership – Current Vehicle Registration or the Title
  2. Valid Photo Identification – Driver’s License, State ID, Military ID, or Passport
  3. Current Proof of Insurance – If you don’t have proper insurance, then your car must be commercially towed off the lot instead of driven off.

What to Do If Your Car Is Booted

Some municipalities will tow a car with too many traffic citations, but Denver will boot your car. This occurs if there are 3 or more unpaid tickets or citations on the car. The boot won’t be removed until all parking citations and the boot fee ($100) is paid.

If your car is booted, then it’s important that you pay it as soon as possible. If the car is booted for more than 72 hours without payment, then the car will impounded, racking up an additional $100 towing fee.

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