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A Burglar Knows Your Home’s Weaknesses

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When it comes to unauthorized entry, burglars know how to pick the most vulnerable homes. They look for certain weaknesses that indicate they can enter a home quietly and quickly and escape uncaught. Combating the instinct of a burglar requires not only foresight, but also an understanding of just how burglars think. If you can learn to think like a burglar, you can greatly reduce your chances of unauthorized entry. To think like a burglar, it can be helpful to know specific weaknesses they often look for when deciding on the perfect home to break into. Some of these common weaknesses many homeowners overlook include:

  • Unlocked interior garage doors
  • Doors without deadbolts
  • First-floor windows

Unlocked Interior Garage Doors

Statistics show that unlocked interior garage doors are one of the first places a burglar looks for an easy entrance into your home. Many homeowners fail to consider this, as they assume that simply closing their garage doors automatically means their homes are safe from burglary while they are at work. However, burglars can easily manually open a garage door and get into your home completely undetected through the interior door. Because of this weak point, it is important to make sure this door has a heavy-duty deadbolt and steel doorframe to prevent a burglar from kicking in or lock picking the door.

Doors without Deadbolts

Another major weak spot burglars look for when determining whether your home is a good candidate for a break in is whether all your doors have deadbolts. The best kind of deadbolt to install in all exterior doors is a keyless one, especially for doors you do not use frequently. This ensures that a burglar cannot just pick the lock and open the door, which makes it much more difficult for him or her to break into your home.

First-floor Windows

First-floor windows are another open invitation to burglars wanting to make their way into your home, especially if the windows are out of view from the front of the house. It is important to remember that, when it comes to selecting an ideal home to break into, burglars look for a route with easy entry where they can sneak in and out undetected. Some simple ways to make your first-floor windows unattractive to burglars are to plant thorny bushes in front of the windows, put curtains over windows in rooms with valuable items, and install an alarm system with glass-breakage detectors.

Making your home unattractive to a burglar is a relatively simple task that you can do relatively easily and inexpensively. Knowing how to think like a burglar can ultimately save you time and money in keeping your home safe from unauthorized entry.

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