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Bubble Wrap Packaging for Protection

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When packing fragile or valuable belongings for transport, air cellular cushioning material, commonly referred to as Bubble Wrap packaging, provides superior protection. Its shock-absorbing properties safeguards possessions, keeping them from damage. (The term Bubble Wrap is a registered trademark of Sealed Air Corporation, the company founded by its inventors, and refers only to their product, but it has slipped into common usage.)


Bubble Wrap, and products of similar design, can be purchased from most office supply and packaging supply stores. Sold as sheets, rolls, and bags it is sized both dimensionally and by the thickness of the air bubbles, which range from 3/16” to 1”. Single-pocket sealed air plastic cushioning, that at least as large as 2” by 4” are also available (but they are not as much fun to pop). Pricing is contingent on it various structural configurations.

Selecting the right product

Choosing the right size product depends on your packing and shipping needs. The smaller bubble configurations are used to protect smaller, lighter, and more fragile items. As the size and weight of the objects being shipped increases, bubble size should increase as well.

Companies also produce this product in an anti-static form to protect electronic equipment. It is available with an adhesive backing and with insulating properties. Additionally, it is assigned different strength ratings for the different demands imposed for protection during shipping. An informed vendor can help you determine which size is best for your needs.

How to use

For objects packed in boxes, the cushioning material can be used in any of three ways. It can be wrapped around the item, the object can be inserted into the bag form, or the packing box can be lined with the cushioning material and the material then layered. You can also use any combination of these methods. For the largest items, such as appliances and furniture, sheets can be attached to the outer surfaces, providing not only cushioning, but protection against surface scratching and other damage as well.

Additional benefits

One of the joys of working with Bubble Wrap types of packaging material is the joy of popping the bubbles – the therapeutic benefits of this activity cannot be overstated – and Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (the last Monday in January) is a chance to celebrate the many ways this invention has raised the standard of living. Finally, the manufacturers of Bubble Wrap also sponsor a Competition for Young Inventors, offering scholarship prizes to winning competitors.

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