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Boost Your Luck with a Feng Shui Wreath

Boost Your Luck with a Feng Shui Wreath

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Whether you’re seeking more luck, love or opportunity, decorating your front door with the right wreath can boost the positive energy you invite into your home and life.

How so? In feng shui, the front door holds special importance, because it sets the tone for your home and it’s the entrance through which visitors, opportunity and energy enter. Wreaths aren’t part of the feng shui tradition, but they’re a natural fit. They’re decorative, welcoming and align with the practice of enhancing the front door to attract positive chi.

You can customize a wreath to draw the energy you desire by paying attention to details and considering these factors:

Both real and artificial wreaths boost positive chi, but certain materials offer specific advantages:

Evergreens symbolize life and longevity. There are numerous evergreen plants (balsam, boxwood, ivy, mahonia, pine, rhododendron), so be inventive.

Flowers symbolize growth and vitality, but they should be appropriate for the season.

Fruits, nuts and pinecones symbolize the bounty of harvest, so they’re especially well-suited to late summer and fall.

Color is a powerful feng shui component, so use it to shape the energy you invite into your home. Briefly, incorporate:

Red (vitality, abundance and prosperity) to increase luck, lift flagging energy and invite positive change.

Pink (love and acceptance) to improve every relationship (including romantic ones).

White (creativity and children) to support children and boost creative flow.

Gray (helpful people) to attract the assistance you need when you need it.

Black (career and life journey) to bolster your career and daily life.

Blue (knowledge and wisdom) to support learning and growth.

Green (health and family) to improve the health and well-being of your family.

Purple (prosperity and blessings) to increase family luck and resources.

Yellow (calm and balanced center) to feel composed and anchored.

Other colors such as orange are also auspicious. Because in Chinese “orange” sounds much like the word “gold,” using this color invites gold (money) into your space. In general, brighter colors tend to invite lively chi and muted ones encourage calmer energies.

Decorative Items
You can use traditional feng shui enhancements to boost your wreath’s appeal and impact. Add:

Bells to dissipate negativity, stimulate positive chi and bring good fortune into your space.

Chinese gold coins to invite money into your home and life.

Wu lou or bottle gourds to promote health, longevity and abundant blessings.

There are countless ways to use feng shui principles to enhance a door wreath, but these ideas will help you get started. Use them to gain a positive boost anytime, but they can be a particularly auspicious way to celebrate the start of the New Year, beginning of a new season or Chinese New Year. For the maximum benefit, keep your wreath clean, attractive, and free from dust and cobwebs. If it begins to look worn or bedraggled, replace it.

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