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The Best Home Security Systems Use Layers of Protection

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When it comes to the utmost security for your home, the best home security systems employ several layers of protection. Such layers include both internal and external means to deter unauthorized entry and encompass not only a comprehensive burglar alarm, but also items such as home security doors, security cameras, and motion detectors.

Comprehensive Security System

A comprehensive burglar alarm includes not only a siren and alarm sensors, but also employs advanced technology such as infrared motion detectors, which sense a burglar’s unauthorized presence in your home; glass-breakage detectors that sense vibrations in the glass if a burglar attempts to break a window; and surveillance equipment such as security cameras that let a burglar know he or she is being watched and recorded at all times.

Home Security Doors

Home security doors are also an important aspect in the best home security systems and generally include features such as heavy-duty deadbolt locks with steel one-inch bolts and strike plates with three-inch screws for added protection. Such doors are also made of solid wood or metal, which makes them much more difficult for burglars to compromise. For the best home security doors, it is important to pay attention not only to the material from which the door itself is made, but also to the material the frame is comprised of. To be the most effective, a door frame should be lined with metal under the wooden part of the frame. This further prevents burglars from simply breaking down the door to gain entry into your home.

Surveillance System

Another important aspect of the best home security systems is a surveillance system with security cameras. These cameras can be visible or hidden, depending on whether homeowners want to let burglars know their every move is being recorded or if they want to be discreet about it. Both types of cameras tie in very well to Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), which enables homeowners to watch their cameras’ footage in real-time.

When looking for potential targets to break into, burglars look past a simple locked door to determine if a home is protected by several layers of security. If so, most burglars move on to the next target and avoid wasting time on a difficult home to break into. When ensuring the safety of your home, the best home security systems ultimately protect your home by making it unappealing to burglars.

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