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Ways You Can Become More Energy‐efficient

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As more people become aware of the effects modern household appliances and vehicles have on the environment and the increased expenses to run them regularly, taking steps to live a greener lifestyle has become an extremely popular movement. Becoming more energy-efficient not only involves reducing your monthly energy bills, but also reducing the amount of waste you generate and the effect you have on the environment. You can become more energy-efficient in several ways, and it can help to know some details about ways you can make simple changes to your lifestyle to both save money and benefit the environment.

Become More Energy-efficient by Creating an Efficient Home

One of the best ways you can become more energy-efficient is to create a home that uses less electricity and fewer fossil fuels. Some ways you can do this are to install solar panels or wind generators outside your home, as windy and sunny areas can produce enough electricity to pay for your electric bill. Depending on the state in which you live, the power company that services your area may offer to purchase surplus electricity generated from wind or solar stations on your property. Another way you can create an energy-efficient home is to purchase efficient windows and appliances, since these cause your home to need much less energy overall than traditional ones. When searching for energy-saving appliances, however, you should make sure the Energy Star label is on any appliance you buy, as this symbol indicates the appliance can save you money on monthly electric bills.

Become More Energy-efficient by Replacing Light Bulbs

Another way you can become more energy-efficient is by replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, or LED bulbs because these use up to 75 percent less energy than incandescent lights and last much longer. While these energy-saving bulbs are usually more expensive than traditional incandescent lights, they can save you upwards of $30 over their lifetime and generally allow you to recoup your investment within six months with regular use.

Become More Energy-efficient by Recycling

One final way you can become more energy-efficient is to recycle instead of just throwing trash away. Simply saving bottles and cans not only benefits the environment by reducing the number of products manufacturers must produce, but it can also save you money.

Living a more energy-efficient lifestyle can be as simple as replacing traditional appliances and lights with energy-saving ones and recycling the items you use daily. While living a greener lifestyle may require more of an initial investment, the money you save over time and the extent to which you benefit the environment can make this worthwhile.

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