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Bartending Your Own Party

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If you want to serve as your own bartender at your home parties, there’s a little bit of preparation needed. Learning how to mix drinks is part chemistry, and part creativity. Here’s some ideas to get you started so you can entertain your friends at your next party event.

Look for Recipes Online

The easiest way to find drink recipes is to look online. You can find many popular cocktail recipes online, and once you learn how to make a few of the most popular, you can begin experimenting with your own ingredients to come up with some of your own creations, and that’s where the creativity comes in.

First, you’ll need a variety of liquors and mixers to use when you’re making your drinks. Choose basic liquors and mixers for your guests who won’t want to experiment. But you may want to create or adopt a “signature” drink for your party that is appropriate for the event, like a special margarita for a fajita bar or a special sake drink for sushi.

Next, you’re going to need to make sure you have the right glassware for the different types of drinks you’ll be serving. Most drink recipes will indicate what type of glass to use. It’s also fun to choose an unusual or non-standard glass for a drink to help customize it.

You’ll also need garnishes for your cocktails. Bloody Marys, for example, need celery stalks and green olives, and some people like onions or even a shrimp garnish. You may want to create a Bloody Mary bar, where people can add their own from a whole assortment of garnishes to customize their drinks. The same can be done with many other basic drinks. Along with garnishes, you’ll need ice, scoops, shakers, bottle openers, and napkins for the bar. This may seem like a lot, but it’s just the basics of bartending.

And if all of this sounds daunting, you always have the option of hiring a bartending service who will bring all of the necessary equipment and accessories (and the drinks) to make sure your guests are well taken care of!

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