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What is Bar Service?

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When hosting a party, reception, or other event, you may have to consider providing adult beverages. While it is possible to act as bartender in your own right, a better solution may be to hire a bar service supplier. This is especially true if local or state regulations require special training or certification. In addition, using a licensed provider can reduce your liability in the event of an unfortunate incident.

Choosing a bar service

Before you contact a company that provides bar services, you need to decide what your alcohol needs. Do you want a full bar, premium bar only, beer and wine only, or any combination or variation on these options. You also need to know what your budget is and if you want a cash or open bar. Having the answers to these questions will help the service determine the arrangement best for you.

In addition to general alcoholic beverage needs, you must also provide non-alcoholic beverages, and you may want to rent a drink machine for frozen drinks or a champagne fountain. Discussing these issues with the service provider is important.

What bar services provides

When hiring a bar service the minimum you can expect is a bartender. Yet they provide much more than that. Planning with them brings the appropriate service with the correct liquor and approach. You must have enough bartenders to handle the group who will be attending, and you may want to have serving staff as well. Also, you may have to make arrangements for glasses, napkins, setups, and other items necessary for proper bar functioning. The company can help with this.

Different types of bar service

Depending on your budget and the nature of your party, you may want to tailor the bar service. Some options include:

Premium Bar – A premium bar serves only liquors listed as premium, as well as well liquor and beer and wine. This is the most elaborate arrangement, and includes all the set ups.

Well Bar – A well bar excludes premium liquor but includes well liquor, beer, wine, and set ups

Wine and Beer – This type of bar service offers beer or wine only. The brand(s) are up to the host

Wine Tasting – A wine tasting bar is usually part of a theme. The wines are specially selected, and guests are invited to offer their opinions. This is typically an open bar situation.

Open Bar – An open bar can be premium or well, wine or beer only, but guests do not pay for their liquor. Bartender rates may be a little higher since guests are not expected to offer gratuities.

Cash Bar – A cash bar can be any combination listed here, but the guests are expected to pay for their beverages. The bartender’s fee may be a little less than a cash bar since guests usually tip for the service.

Hiring a bar service for a party adds to the ambience of a party or reception. Using a service makes hosting easier, and frees everyone to enjoy guests and the conviviality of the evening.

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