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How to Avoid Losing Your Glasses

How to Avoid Losing Your Glasses

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Whether you need prescription eyeglasses to see or you rely on your name brand sunglasses to keep the glare at bay, being unable to find your glasses is certainly no fun. Reviewing these four quick strategies could help you avoid losing your glasses at work, at home or while on the road.

Give Glasses a Home

Perhaps the easiest way to lose your glasses is not giving them a permanent home. If you set your glasses down in the same place each day, you’ll always know where they are – assuming you don’t have a pet who likes to bat them around. Before you take off your glasses next, look around for the most logical place to leave them. Some of the most common places to put glasses include:

  • Bedside table
  • Briefcase
  • Computer desk
  • Purse.

If you often take off your glasses at work, be sure to always put them in same spot on your desk or in the same drawer so that you’ll never have to worry about where they may be.

Keep a Routine

While designating a home for your glasses can help quite a bit, deviations in your routine can still throw things out of whack. For instance, if you usually remove your makeup before bed and leave your glasses on the counter afterwards, washing your face when you first get home and putting your glasses back on could lead you to leave your glasses absolutely anywhere before bed.

As a bonus, keeping your routine the same from day to day can make it easier for you to retrace your steps if you should happen to misplace your glasses.

Get a Strap

Admittedly, wearing your eyeglasses around your neck on a chain or strap isn’t the most fashionable trend you’ll ever follow, but it does help you keep your glasses close. This strategy can be an absolute lifesaver if you’re the type of person who needs their glasses to work at the computer yet finds it easier to take them off when you’re talking to someone up close. If you find yourself removing and replacing your glasses multiple times before lunch, it may be time to sacrifice fashion for function – at least at work.

Give Glasses a Buddy

Going to a restaurant can throw off any schedule and leave your glasses homeless. If you’re in the habit of taking off your glasses once you get to the table – and leaving them there after your meal! – your glasses need a buddy. To do this, figure out what item you absolutely can’t leave the restaurant without and set it with your glasses on the table. If you drove, put your glasses with your car keys. If you didn’t drive, put your glasses with your phone. It really doesn’t matter which buddy you select as long as it’s one you’ll definitely miss before you get all the way home.

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