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What Information Does an Insurance Company Need?

What Information Does an Auto Insurance Company Need?

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Certain auto insurance information is required by company’s before they can issue you an insurance policy. This information is important to help them set rates and premiums. Before starting to gather your quotes, whether online, by telephone or in person, it is a good idea to gather all the relevant documents that contain the information you will need. For example, an existing auto policy and your vehicle registration document will be a great help, but there may be other documents required as well.

Required Auto Insurance Information

When applying for auto insurance quotes or requesting a policy, the online forms will generally ask you:

  • The make, model, age and color of car(s) you own. You may be asked for mileage information and other details as well, such as which optional safety features are installed. Air bags, anti-lock brakes and anti-theft devices can all lower your policy cost, so make sure to lift any safety features your car has. The VIN number is also required when applying for a policy.
  • How many people will be driving the vehicle. You will have to know their ages, their driving records and, in most cases, their driver’s license numbers when applying for a policy. You should mention if any of the drivers have completed safe-driving courses, or if any students listed on the policy are receiving good grades, as both of these things may make you eligible for various discounts from certain insurers.
  • Where you live, how long you have lived there, and whether the vehicle(s) will be garaged at that address. Having a secured garage can save you money, and keeping the car in an urban area tends to be more expensive than keeping it in a rural area.
  • Approximately how many miles you drive in a year and whether you drive for work or for pleasure. It costs more to use a car for commuting than for taking an occasional Sunday drive, since the more a car is driven, the greater the chance of an accident occurring. If you can keep the miles under 9000 per year on one or more of your cars, you may be eligible for a discount on insuring that vehicle.
  • What type of insurance cover you are seeking: This can include information on coverage limits and deductibles. Deductibles are amounts you will pay before making a claim. For example, if you have a claim of $500, but your deductible is $250, then you will pay the first $250 yourself, and claim for the rest from the auto policy. Coverage limits are the maximum amounts the policy will pay out per category. You may also be asked if you want collision insurance, or other extras such as rental car coverage.

Buying Auto Insurance

When buying car insurance, it is handy to refer to your current policy which will have all the relevant auto insurance information listed that you will need to get a quote or sign up for a policy. Once your agent or the insurance company has collected all the details required, he or she will then give you a quote for a premium, based upon the information which you have provided.

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