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Common Auto Air Conditioner Repair Problems

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Auto air conditioner repair is an inconvenience that no one wants to experience. Unfortunately, the uncomfortable feeling of driving to work during the summer with a broken AC unit is all too common. If your car’s air conditioner is causing you to feel the heat, then there are a number of possible root causes. Some of the most common types of vehicle AC repairs are listed below:

Leaking Coolant

Coolant is the liquid in your engine that produces cold air. As this liquid is pumped through a series of tubes and hoses via an AC compressor, it passes through an expansion valve that causes the coolant gas to expand and cool. If insufficient levels of this coolant are present in the AC system, then the result will be inadequate cooling. The most common cause of low coolant levels is a puncture or leak in the AC system.

Rubber hoses and connections are prone to punctures, and will result in a loss of coolant as it flows through the system. An easy way to spot a leak is by looking for a puddle of coolant that collects under your vehicle after it has been parked.

Faulty Cooling Fan

Proper air flow is necessary to properly cool Freon. Much of this critical air flow falls on the shoulders of an electric cooling fan that resides near the AC condenser. If the electric cooling fan has stopped turning, or is turning insufficiently, then it will likely be the focus of your auto air conditioner repair.

Other issues that can result in insufficient Freon cooling include a blown fuse, broken compressor or improperly working magnetic clutch.


Sometimes, an inefficient air conditioning system is the secondary result of a more serious matter. Specifically, an overheating engine can result in a number of issues, including an improperly working AC system. This is because the high temperatures caused in the engine lower the ability of the coolant to properly flow and be cooled. If your vehicle is experiencing overheating, there may be a problem with the radiator or electric cooling fan.

Electrical Problems

Faulty wiring or an electrical malfunction can cause AC issues on newer vehicles. For example, many cars feature a temperature sensor that regulates the interior atmosphere of the vehicle. If this sensor is inaccurate, then an auto air conditioner repair may be necessary.

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