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Pros and Cons of Artificial Christmas Trees

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For many Americans, decorating a live Christmas tree each year is unnecessary, especially since artificial Christmas trees are both more cost-effective and you can reuse them for many years. However, there are both pros and cons of artificial trees, and it is important to keep both in mind when deciding what type of holiday tree should decorate your home this Christmas.

Pros of Artificial Christmas Trees

Following are some of the main advantages of choosing artificial Christmas trees over live ones:

  • Saves you money: one of the main benefits of choosing artificial trees over live ones for Christmas is that they can save you significant amounts of money over time. While you must pay anywhere from $30 to $100 for live Christmas trees every year, this can be extremely costly if you are on a tight budget. Unlike live trees, you can reuse artificial trees for many years.
  • Not a fire hazard: unlike traditional live trees, artificial trees do not pose a fire hazard because manufacturers create them using fire-retardant materials. However, it is always important to check the box before purchasing any Christmas tree to ensure it meets federal and local safety requirements.
  • Does not shed needles: another benefit of a fake Christmas tree is that it does not shed needles like a live tree does, which means less upkeep and cleaning up after the holidays.

Cons of Artificial Christmas Trees

Following are a few disadvantages of purchasing artificial Christmas trees:

  • Not the same as a real tree: while artificial trees look similar to real ones, they are also different in the sense that they do not smell like pine and do not have actual pine needles.
  • Made from petroleum: this resource is non-renewable, which means many artificial trees are not environmentally friendly.
  • Takes time to assemble the tree: unlike traditional trees that require almost no assembly, artificial trees take time to assemble because you must place each branch on the tree properly.

When deciding whether you want to place a live or artificial Christmas tree in your home this year, it is important to consider both the pros and cons of both types of trees. Artificial trees are usually best if you are on a budget, but may require you to make a few sacrifices. However, their ease of maintenance and your ability to use artificial Christmas trees for many years often make purchasing them worthwhile.

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