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The Purpose of an Apartment Damage Checklist

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If you have lived in an apartment at some point, you have probably filled out an apartment damage checklist. While such a checklist can be a bit of a hassle since most management companies require you to complete it within 48 hours of moving into a new apartment, it serves two purposes. Not only does this checklist protect you from unnecessary fees when you vacate your apartment, but it also makes your management company aware of any existing damages to your apartment so they can repair any issues. To understand the meaning behind an apartment damage checklist, it can help to know some of the ways this checklist benefits both you and your property owner.

An Apartment Damage Checklist Helps You Avoid Fees

The main purpose of an apartment damage checklist is that it helps you avoid unnecessary fees when you move out of your apartment. This is because the list requires you to note any existing issues or damages to your apartment when you first move into it. While filling out a checklist can be somewhat tedious when you are already dealing with the hassles of moving and deciding where to put your things, it can prevent your property owner from charging you for damages previous tenants have caused. The older your apartment is, the more damages there are likely to be, so make sure you are very thorough when you complete a damage checklist.

An Apartment Damage Checklist Notes Items Your Maintenance Team Should Fix

Not only does an apartment damage checklist prevent your apartment management company from charging you for minor damages such as dints in the walls or carpet stains, but it also allows you to note anything in your apartment that the maintenance crew needs to fix. For example, if you notice your garbage disposal does not work properly, you should note this on the checklist so maintenance personnel can repair it promptly.

An apartment damage checklist is extremely useful not only because it helps you avoid fees for damages present in your apartment when you move into it, but also because it allows you to note any issues your maintenance team needs to fix in your apartment. While filling out this long checklist can be somewhat tedious and frustrating, it can ultimately save you money and hassle over time.

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