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Arranging for Airport Transportation

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When planning a major event such as a wedding, graduation, milestone anniversary or, sad to say, a funeral, arranging for airport transportation is an important part of the process. While some of the guests or attendees will arrange for their own transport, there will be some who need to be met and taken to their destination. While it may not be mandatory, it is a courtesy and one of the niceties of a good host.

Airport transportation options

When arranging airport transportation for guests, there are several options. The one to select depends on your needs and the needs of your guests. If your guests are flying in for the event only and returning without an overnight stay, hiring a limousine service will be your best option. Limo companies will meet your guests at the airport in an appropriate vehicle (not necessarily a stretch limo, unless you request it) and will take your guests to the contracted destination. If need be, you can contract to take the company to return them to the airport.

Another option, especially if your guests are coming in and staying at least one night, arrange for an airport shuttle to take them to their hotel. From here, they can rent a vehicle for personal use, or you can arrange for family members to pick them up. If they rent a vehicle, they will be able to return it when they head for home.

Speaking of family members driving, if those arriving at the airport are family members or close family friends, having a relative who knows them pick them up is a nice personal touch and contributes to the comfort level of your out of town visitors.

Contracting with a limousine service

When working with a limo service, be specific in your wishes, and make sure it is in the contract. Let the service know what time to pick up your guests, where to take them, and if you need them to wait or if the trip is simply one-way. If the driver needs to wait, be sure expectations are clear regarding food (if they will wait through a mealtime) and availability. Also, if a plane is delayed, let them know. Limo companies will accommodate your requests.

Tipping the limo driver

Tipping is expected with a limo service, especially if bags are involved. When you arrange for airport transportation, you may include the tip when you pay for the service, or you can tip the driver when he or she delivers your guests. Either way is acceptable. The amount to tip depends on the number of people transported, the number of bags, and the distance traveled.

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