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Accident Attorney

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Accident attorneys can help you recover medical costs and more if you have suffered an accident due to the negligence of another person or company. They can also help you get insurance benefits that may have been denied to you after an accident.

Accident attorneys work on cases stemming from workers’ compensation claims (including denials), car crashes, construction accidents, and no-fault insurance claims in addition to many more types of claims.

Workers’ Compensation: If you were injured at work, an accident attorney can often help you recover lost wages and keep your job if it is in jeopardy.

DUI Accidents: Because of the number of DUI accidents, insurance companies work harder to not pay innocent victims of DUI accidents. An injury attorney can help you recover compensation that is due to you because of a DUI accident, including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Motorcycle Accidents: Some accident attorneys will not touch a motorcycle accident case. Always check to see if the accident attorney you choose has worked on motorcycle accident cases. Because there are so many different contributing factors in a motorcycle accident, more so than in a car accident, these cases are a bit more difficult. In addition to the normal contributing factors, such as speeding and DUI, there are contributing factors that include inexperienced motorcyclists, drivers not noticing the motorcyclists and turning into their lane or otherwise running them off the road, and obstacles in the road that could cause a motorcyclist to lose control. These obstacles would not cause a car to lose control.

Most accident attorneys accept cases on a contingency basis: This means that you do not pay for the accident attorney’s services unless and until you collect a monetary award either through settlement or litigation of your case. The award the attorneys can collect varies and is a percentage of the amount you collect. The percentage is higher if your case goes to the pre-trial stage than if you settled the matter through arbitration or mediation.

Most accident attorneys will also give you a free consultation. Regardless of whether the attorney charges for a consultation, you should have at least three consultations before choosing an accident attorney. Make sure the attorney has tried cases like yours before, not just settled cases like yours. If your case goes to trial, you will want an attorney who is experienced in your type of case to go into the courtroom with you.

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