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6 Winter Wreaths to Brighten Your Door & Life

6 Winter Wreaths to Brighten Your Door & Life

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By the time Christmas is over, many of us are ready to pack away the pine and eager to start the New Year with a fresh outlook. Luckily, there are countless ways to both brighten your door and invite positive energy into your home and life throughout the winter season.

From premade versions and custom creations to those you construct yourself, wreaths can be made using live or dried plant material or lifelike artificial alternatives. Alone or in combination, try these winning combinations:             

  1. Eucalyptus. Native to Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia, eucalyptus is an evergreen tree with small oval or lance-like leaves filled with natural oils that have a pleasant astringent aroma. Most wreaths are made using dried branches which hold up for years, but artificial versions are available, too. Eucalyptus customarily symbolizes wealth and abundance.
  2. Grapevine. The vines of grape plants are sturdy but pliable when they’re freshly cut, so real grapevine wreaths are often shaped in late fall and allowed to dry. They last for years and can be used alone or as the base for other materials or decorations. Grapes and the vines that produce them have long been associated with bounty, abundance and prosperity.
  3. Holly. A symbol of longevity, protection and good luck, the evergreen holly has long been used to celebrate the winter solstice, so it’s the ideal material for winter wreaths. Holly leaves come in a variety of shades from deep glossy green to blue-green or solid shades accented with dashes of white, while most holly berries are a deep, glistening red.
  4. Ivy. This humble evergreen plant traditionally symbolizes lasting affection, friendship and faithfulness. Ivy ranges from deep solid greens to variegated selections featuring white streaks or yellow accents. Boston ivy is green in summer, but it turns vivid shades of red, gold and burgundy in fall, so it offers a fresh array of color choices.
  5. Pinecones. These woody fruits of the conifer are a traditional winter decoration. In American tradition, they symbolize health and protection, while in Eastern cultures they’re associated with long life and prosperity. Wreaths featuring pinecones or pinecones mixed with nuts are long lasting, and they can appear sophisticated and sleek or homey and rustic based on how they’re constructed.
  6. Winter Berries. Clusters or sprays of dried winter berries make a bright statement. Natural colors range from white to yellow, orange, rust, cranberry, burgundy, magenta and purple, while artificial options are unlimited. In general, berries symbolize hope and bounty, while specific varieties like bittersweet (associated with truth, honesty and healing) or hawthorn berries (protection and joy) hold individual meanings.

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