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5 Reasons to Hire a Landscaper

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Landscaping is one of the best ways to spruce up your home’s exterior. Whether you’re planning a complete makeover or it’s simply time to refresh existing landscape elements, here are five very smart reasons to hire a pro.

Reason 1: Knowledge & Skill

Experienced landscapers have two things most homeowners lack: specialized landscaping knowledge and the skill to translate that knowledge into dazzling results. Landscapers have practical expertise related to a wide variety of topic areas. They’re familiar with various hardscape materials and know which ones perform best in specific applications. They know which plants, trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers are likely to thrive (or die) in your particular landscape. They can create a comprehensive plan to make the most of your space and know how to prep and construct permanent installations such as retaining walls, paved walkways, patios and more.

Reason 2: Equipment and Tools

Even comparatively modest landscaping projects can require an extraordinary array of specialized equipment and tools. Examples range from bush hogs and brush shredders to chainsaws, pry bars, sod cutters, seeding machines, trenchers, mini-excavators and compact earth movers. The landscaper will have or be able to acquire the right equipment and tools to tackle every aspect of the job and do it right and well.

Reason 3: Hands-On Experience

Experienced landscapers are expert planners and organizers. They have the ability to break complicated projects into manageable components that are carefully sequenced for execution. They schedule and coordinate every aspect of the project from crews and contractors to permits, inspections, tools, materials  and plants to efficiently and effectively implement the plan to minimize time and maximize outcomes.

Reason 4: Connections & Resources

As every inveterate DIYer knows, home improvement projects have a tendency to reveal problems, encounter delays or grow more complicated as the project unfolds. Established landscapers can take these hitches in stride because they have industry-wide connections to the people, equipment and resources to solve unexpected problems. If the crew uncovers an unmarked utility line, for instance, they know precisely whom to call.

Reason 5: Predictable Results

When you work with an established landscaper, you can have confidence that the final results will meet or exceed your expectations. No matter how chaotic the process may appear while work is in progress, you can relax knowing the landscaper has the experience and capacity to execute the defined project and produce the desired outcomes.

A well-executed landscape project can transform your home into the neighborhood showplace and significantly boost your home’s value. A poorly executed one does the opposite. Working with an expert landscaper is the pivotal difference.

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