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Apps for Your Teeth

5 Free Dental Apps Your Teeth Want You to Own

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Hello dental conscious reader, I tooth picked my way through all of the clutter of games, dental study guides and paid apps, to place your chompers on the road to 5 free dental apps that your teeth want you to own, that will make your next visit to the dentist a pleasant if not celebratory experience.

When it comes to selecting the right dental apps for you and your children, it appears that everything out there is a dentist game with an odd name like: Celebrity Dentist, Dentist Office Kids, Animal Dentist and Celebrity Animal Dentist Office for kids.

With all of the game apps out there under the keywords of:

  • Dentist
  • Teeth
  • Cavities

The question to ask is where are the dental apps that take care of your teeth?

Yes these are all games, and there are dozens more of the exact same concept.

Yes these are all games, and there are dozens more of the exact same concept.

During my quest for useful dental apps I came across three apps for children and two for adults that are worthwhile contenders to download onto your mobile device.

Heroes of Hygiene dental appHeroes of Hygiene By Dental Associates

Available in the App Store and Google Play Store

Heroes of Hygiene app gives your child a hero to brush with for two minutes,  two times a day. Which according to the American Dental Association (ADA) is the proper amount of time needed to thoroughly clean your teeth and is a part of the 2-2-2 rule.

Per the Heroes of Hygiene app store page, the 2-2-2 Rule is:  Brush 2 times a day, for at least 2 minutes and see your dentist 2 times each year.

In the dental app, your child is given four characters who give them encouragement and direction while brushing their teeth. The only drawback that I see is that after a while your child might grow bored with the repetitive nature of the app. However, the music that the app plays is to the tune of old Nintendo 8-bit goodness, which fittingly goes well with the app.

Your teeth Pro dental appYour Teeth Pro By Igor Matkovic

Available in the App Store

Your Teeth Pro is a handy dental appointment reminder. You can add your information by either keying in your contact information or providing the app access to your contacts. Once you enter in your personal information you can add your dentist’s information and your next appointment.

The only negative about the app is that you can do the same thing with your calender app, but I think it’s cooler to use this app instead just so that you can leave yourself notes for your appointment. The app will notify you when it’s time to visit your dentist for your checkup.

Chomper Chums® dental appChomper Chums® By United Concordia Dental

Available in the App Store and Google Play

Chomper Chums® is a fun children’s app that goes through the whole gamut of dental care. Using an animal of your choice you get to earn coins and food for your chum. When it is time to have your child brush his teeth, you can use a timer for brushing, flossing and gargling. When he completes the dental action, he earn coins to buy food for his pet or to earn tickets to the Philly Zoo.

The app is regional because when a child earns 312 coins he will earn a Free Philadelphia Zoo ticket. But even if you are outside the Philadelphia region, this app is still worth downloading for your children to use and enjoy. Overall, Chomper Chums® is a well-designed and fun-to-play app for children of all ages.

Disney Magic Timer dental appDisney Magic Timer By Disney/Oral-B

Available in the App Store and Google Play

Disney Magic Timer is similar to other timed brushing apps except that your child gets to choose from Disney-owned properties to select a brushing avatar. I personally chose Captain America because the Cap’n can make brushing teeth fun. Besides using Marvel characters, children can choose from Star Wars and Disney characters. When your child is brushing for their two minutes of fun they are also unveiling a Disney image that goes into a picture book.

With recent app updates it looks like there are lot of picture books and images for your child to collect. Disney Magic Timer is a co-branded app with Oral-B and Crest that allows children to scan Oral-B and Crest branded products into the app to unlock special Disney Marvel characters. The unlocked characters can be used as their tooth-brushing avatar.

Looking back on this app makes me wish I had something as cool as this as a kid. I mean you can brush your teeth as the Hulk! As a kid, I would have gone back and forth from “Hulk Smash! to “Hulk Brush Teeth!”

Oral-B dental appOral-B App By P&G Productions

Available in the App Store and Google Play

The Oral-B App is a work of app art for adults. What is great about this app is that it is designed to go with Oral-B’s Smart Series electric Bluetooth toothbrushes. OK let me repeat this, there are toothbrushes out in the world today that have Bluetooth. Just let that sink in for a second. Moving on, the app was also designed with the idea that not everyone has the Oral-B Bluetooth toothbrush. You can still use it with your standard non-Bluetooth, non-electric brush.

This app was designed for people who want all of their dental needs in one app. It has a timer and custom brushing routines that include floss and brushing reminders. The Oral-B app also has part-replacement reminders for those of us who have the Smart Series Bluetooth toothbrush. You can also add your dentist’s information and next appointment in a few simple clicks. It even has stats and charts about your daily brushing achievements. With your hared earned achievements you can unlock trophies for brushing your teeth.

The Oral-B app even has news feeds, National Geographic images, weather and your calendar that you can look at during your two minute brushing routine. Now you can keep up with world events and keep your teeth clean at the same time. If you are looking for a dental app that gives you an edge with your dentist, this app is for you.

–Travis Christman

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