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4 Ideas for Staying Close to Your Dad from Far Away

4 Ideas for Staying Close to Your Dad When You Live Far Away

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While it can be relatively easy to maintain a good relationship with your dad when you live in the same house, it can be a little trickier when you live far way. If you’re planning to move to another town or state, reviewing these four ideas for staying close to your dad could help you hold onto and strengthen the relationship you already have after you move.

Call regularly

Blocking out time in your schedule regularly to pick up the phone is one of the best ways to maintain a relationship with your dad. This gives each of you the opportunity to talk about what’s going on in life and to keep a basic connection alive. If talking on the phone feels too impersonal to you, try video messaging so that you can see each other while you talk.

Unfortunately, technology may not always cooperate when you want to make a call. If one or both of you has a phone that always seems to provide a sketchy connection, you may want to schedule time to have an IM conversation instead. It’ll go a little slower than talking, but it’s still a real-time way to stay in touch.

Plan Visits

Even if you can’t devote all your vacation time to getting back home to spend time with your father, you may still be able to sneak away a little here and there. If you already regularly travel for work, look for opportunities to meet your dad for lunch or dinner whenever you’ll be in the area for business. You could also schedule your trips in such a way that you’ve got a free day to spend with family before returning to work.

Share your life

The problem with relying on phone calls and video chats when you live far away is that your dad may not always tell you everything that’s going on – unintentionally or otherwise. While you can’t do anything about how much he chooses to share with you, you can definitely control how much you share.

One way to stay close to your dad when you’re far away is to send pictures of the memories you’re making. In some cases, this could mean sending pictures of vacations, in others pictures from your daily life. Getting your dad a camera for his birthday or Father’s Day could also encourage him to follow your lead and send you pictures of his life as well.

Utilize social media

It’s a common misconception that parents and grandparents don’t enjoy social media. In fact, you may find your dad enjoys it more than you do. Regardless, find out which social media sites he frequents and make a point to connect with him on those sites, even if you don’t particularly care for the site itself.

Of course, be aware of the fact that communicating through social media is no substitute for picking up the phone or scheduling a visit. It’s merely another tool to stay close and connected between more personal interactions.

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