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4 Most Common Ways to Break Your Glasses...And How to Avoid Them

4 Most Common Ways to Break Your Glasses…And How to Avoid Them!

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When you need your eyeglasses to see your hand in front of your face, the last thing you want is to break them. While there will always be those crazy one-off situations that you’d never see coming – even with your glasses on – learning about the four most common ways people break their glasses and how to avoid them can help you protect your glasses and your vision.

Not providing a home for glasses

When you don’t have a special place designated at home, work and while traveling for your glasses to live, they can become an accident waiting to happen. Since no one will ever know where they might find your glasses, this makes them susceptible to being sat on or knocked on the floor. Even if your glasses don’t snap or crack as a result, you could still end up with some nasty scratches on the lenses.

Avoid It: Decide on one spot where you’ll keep your glasses when they’re not on your face and always put them there.

Wearing glasses on top of your head

While it may be a convenient resting place, the top of your head is a poor location to wear your prescription eyeglasses, reading glasses or sunglasses when not in use. If your glasses slip off your head, they’ll likely end up with scratches, chips or cracks, depending on how far they fall and what they fall on. Perhaps more importantly, wearing eyeglasses on top of your head could loosen the temple screws, making them a poor fit for your face and possibly impacting your vision.

Avoid It: Keep glasses in an eyeglass case, around your neck on a cord when not in use.

Putting glasses in your pocket

For many people, putting their eyeglasses in their pocket during high-speed activities like boating and amusement park rides seems like a good idea on the surface. Unfortunately, you run a greater risk of losing or breaking your glasses when they fall out of your pocket.

Avoid It: Surprisingly, your face may be the safest place for your glasses to stay during these types of activities. When in doubt, attach your glasses to a cord around your neck just in case they do fall off.

Taking off your glasses the wrong way

If you’re like many people, you likely remove your glasses by the temple at one side of your face. This places pressure on the screw and the temple. In the short-term, it may cause your glasses to slip more on your face, but the repetitive pressure on the temple over time could cause it to snap.

Avoid It: Either grasp your eyeglasses by the nose bridge or by applying even pressure to each temple when you remove your glasses.

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