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20 Great Places for Wreaths Indoors & Out

20 Great Places for Wreaths Indoors & Out

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Decades ago, wreaths were faithfully trotted out at Christmas, displayed on the door for a few weeks, then packed away at the start of the New Year. Today, wreaths have come to symbolize a warm welcome, so they’re perfect for year-round use.

Whether you’re gearing up for the holidays, preparing for a celebration or simply seeking a quick spruce-up, there are countless places indoors and out to use wreaths to increase curb appeal, brighten your decor and lift your spirits. Here are 20 possibilities to consider:


  1. Improve your outlook by hanging wreaths in or above strategic windows, such the one above the kitchen sink.
  2. Hang wreaths on the inside surface of every exterior door to greet family and visitors, coming or going.
  3. Suspend a wreath from a ribbon above the headboard of every bed.
  4. Use a ribbon or suction-cup hook to dangle a wreath in front of a mirror.
  5. Suspend small wreaths from doorknobs and cupboard pulls.
  6. Decorate every kitchen cupboard door with a small wreath hanging on a long ribbon.
  7. Do the same to adorn hutches or cupboards in the dining room or den.
  8. Prop a series of small-scale wreaths in a row in front of books on a shelf.
  9. Suspend wreaths from ribbons anchored to the top of a bookshelf or attach them to stiles and uprights.
  10. Place a wreath flat on a table or buffet as a centerpiece. Add candles, ornaments or other items to suit your tastes.
  11. Break up a boring, blank wall with multiple wreaths, varying the size and placement for a more dynamic display.
  12. Add a cheery touch to utilitarian spaces by hanging wreaths in the mudroom, laundry room and basement.


  1. Hang a wreath on every exterior door, not just the main or front entrance.
  2. Display one or more wreaths on a large blank wall and highlight the effect with a focused spotlight.
  3. Dangle a wreath under every wall-mounted exterior light and add one to your front lamppost as well.
  4. Suspend a single wreath from a ribbon in every window.
  5. Fasten a welcoming wreath to a fence, a gate or both.
  6. Display wreaths on porch railings, posts or both.
  7. Add a small-scale wreath above or below a wall-mounted mailbox, or attach one to the mailbox post.
  8. Put a wreath on the door that leads from the garage to feel welcomed every time you return home.

Select a few strategic locations and start small, because you can always add more if you wish. Simply change the materials, colors and treatments to suit the holiday, season or occasion, and you can use wreaths year-round as a fast and easy way to boost your home’s appeal.

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