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12 Reasons to Choose Electric Baseboard Heat

12 Reasons to Choose Electric Baseboard Heat

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Electric baseboard heaters are a smart choice for many homeowners, because they’re a quick, cost-effective way to solve a wide array of heating challenges.

Baseboard heaters are self-contained units installed in front of the baseboard, just as the name implies. Cool air hovering at floor level is pulled into a narrow opening that extends the full length of the unit. The air passes over internal electric coils, where it picks up heat before it’s released through another narrow opening at the top of the unit. The heated air spreads through the room generating steady, even warmth, and this process is repeated continuously until the air at floor level reaches the desired temperature, which you control with a thermostat.

Electric baseboard heaters offer significant advantages. They:

  1. Supply consistent, even heat unlike forced-air systems that cycle on and off.
  2. Operate quietly because there’s no blower.
  3. Deliver heat at floor level where it’s needed most.
  4. Operate without the need for a furnace or heat pump.
  5. Require no ductwork.
  6. Can be installed anywhere you either have existing electric service or your electrician can run electric cable.
  7. Can be installed with individual thermostats for greater control.
  8. Can be wired to a central thermostat if multiple units are required.
  9. Can be used to create a zoned system that reduces heating costs by as much as 20%.
  10. Eliminate the drying effects characteristic of forced air heat.
  11. Are extremely easy to maintain.
  12. Eliminate carbon monoxide concerns associated with gas furnaces.

Installation is comparatively easy and quick, so electric baseboard heaters are a good solution in varied settings. They don’t require ductwork, so they’re the ideal retrofit option for older homes. They’re versatile and can be used almost anywhere, but they’re especially well-suited to unheated or under-heated areas such as attics, basements and garages that have been converted to living or working spaces. They also offer an affordable, effective way to get the warmth you crave, while you avoid over-working a central system by trying to heat cold rooms battered by bitter winter winds, situated at the end of the ductwork run, or both.

Electric baseboard heaters can also be an excellent choice if you live in a mild climate where heating demands are infrequent. There’s no need for a central furnace, heat pump or ductwork, so upfront costs are significantly lower and installation is faster. You have greater control over how much and where you use heat, which can help offset the higher long-term operating cost.

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