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10 Quick Christmas Wreath Alternatives - Chalk Board

10 Quick Christmas Wreath Alternatives

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As lovely and classic as Christmas wreaths are, sometimes it’s fun to change things up. Try these ideas to quickly decorate the front door, back door and every door in between:

  1. Advent Trees. Advent trees and ornaments are available in materials ranging from wood and metal to cloth. Hang the unadorned tree on your door, and on the first day of Advent decorate it with one ornament. Continue to do this each day, and when Christmas arrives your tree will be fully decorated.
  2. Banners. Make or buy cloth banners featuring a holiday theme. Attach the banners to dowel rods, add a decorative hanging cord and your door decorations are ready.
  3. Chalkboards. Paint and decorate the frames of lightweight chalkboards. Hang them with bright ribbon or cord, add a bow and write holiday messages to welcome family and friends.
  4. Containers. Choose flat wall pockets, metal boxes or baskets that will fit snugly against your doors. Fill them with pine boughs, holly berries and branches, white or red feathers, ornaments, pinecones or whatever appeals to your tastes.
  5. Frames. Paint empty frames to match your holiday décor. Attach a cluster of unbreakable ornaments dangling from colorful ribbons or cords to the top center portion of each frame. Add a large, cheerful bow and hang the frames on your doors.
  6. Jingle Bells. String bells on decorative cords of varying lengths, gather the cords into a cluster, fasten them together and add a large, lavish bow. Opt for many small bells or a handful of larger ones, the choice is yours.
  7. Letters. Choose lightweight oversized letters that spell a holiday message (peace, joy, snow). Paint them the color of your choice and glue them to a wide ribbon or strip of cloth that runs the full length of the door.
  8. Ribbons. Use wide ribbons in contrasting colors, and wrap your doors like packages. Finish with lavish bows and cap the look with oversized gift tags bearing holiday greetings.
  9. Santa Hats. Fill oversized Santa hats full to overflowing with ornaments, greenery and small wrapped packages, then hang them upside down on the doors.
  10. Swags. For a fresh take on tradition, opt for pine swags. Scavenge fresh boughs from your yard or purchase premade versions. Decorate them with pine cones, ornaments and berries, then top them with a bow and your swags are ready to go.

Mix and match these ideas to create a look that works for you. Just remember to choose sturdy materials and unbreakable decorations to avoid mishaps.

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