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Planning to Make a Stand in a Zombie Infested Area


Depending on your circumstances and the degree of zombie infestation, the first important decision is whether you stay where you are or evacuate. Whether you are at home, at work or elsewhere, there may be situations when it's simply best to stay where you are and avoid any uncertainty outside. In a zombie-related emergency, local authorities will probably be completely useless for providing information on what is happening and what you should do. It is highly recommended that you watch classic zombie movies, as many of these contain creative ideas for barricading areas, finding ammunition and weapons, and other common zombie-related issues.

There are other circumstances when staying put and creating a barrier between yourself and potentially infected people outside, a process known as "making a stand," is a matter of survival. Use available information to assess the situation. If you see large numbers of zombies, or if local authorities admit that the area is badly overrun, you may want to take this kind of action.

The process of making a stand is considered a temporary protective measure to create a barrier between you and potentially contaminated people outside. It is a type of sheltering in place that requires preplanning.

To Make a Stand When Zombies Are Around

  • Go to a building with at least two stories and with few ground-level windows, if possible.
  •  Bring your family and pets inside. Make sure that none of them is already infected or has any suspicious wounds.
  • Make your zombie emergency kit.
  • Lock doors, close windows, and air vents.
  • Seal all downstairs windows, doors and air vents with plywood or sheet metal. Consider measuring and cutting the sheeting in advance to save time.
  • Be prepared to improvise and use what you have on hand to seal gaps so that you can create a barrier between yourself and any intruding zombies.
  • Make sure you have supplies in place for at least one fall-back point, for when your barricade is inevitably breached by the untiring, remorseless zombie menace. For example, remove staircases, and put rope ladders in place that can quickly be removed if any of the undead are coordinated enough to start climbing.

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