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Can You Find Success with a Writing Career?

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Without a doubt, writers can enjoy personal freedom and the chance to be their own boss – but most successful writers won’t hesitate to tell you how difficult their road to success really was. If you are serious about a writing career, you will need the right type of education and attitude to find success in the writing field.

What You Will Need to Begin a Writing Career

Your path to a writing career should start with a solid education in grammar and English. Without grammar and English skills, your potential career as a writer will be over before it has even begun. While some writers are able to succeed with a post-secondary two year associate’s degree, the majority of successful writers have received at least a four year bachelor’s degree; a four year degree will not only help you to succeed as a writer, but with this type of degree you can land a decent paying job to support you while you build your writing credentials.

Abilities You Will Need to Succeed at a Writing Career

To succeed at a writing career, you will need more than imagination – you will need determination and a thick skin. The abilities and attitudes which many successful writers possess include:

  • The ability to handle rejection - every writer has received rejections of their work, and if you try your hand at writing you need to be prepared for rejections too. Some of the most famous writers of our time were repeatedly rejected by publishers – but they kept trying and eventually they succeeded.
  • Listening to critiques – the best writers look forward to peer review critiques of their work….and they pay attention to suggestions in the critiques which may help them to improve their writing skills and writing style.
  • Time management skills – balancing work and home life is a struggle for many writers, and without exceptional time management skills a potentially profitable writing career will quickly wither on the vine.

Writing Career Opportunities

While many writers envision a future as a successful novelist or poet, there are tons of writing opportunities out there which can help you to build a versatile and secure writing career. Avoid the temptation to lock yourself within a specific type of writing genre – such as fiction or essay – and instead branch out to become a well rounded writer. Consider writing opportunities in copy writing, advertising, script writing, and Internet media (including e-books) in addition to authoring creative works.

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