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Workout Music to Keep You Moving


Looking for some workout music to keep you moving? Workout music is the key to a good workout. Not only does it set the pace of the workout, but it allows you the opportunity to escape into the music and almost forget that you’re willingly torturing yourself, almost!

Did you know that there are different recommended beats per minute (bpm) for different types of workouts? Since warm ups and cool downs are slower, to gradually raise and lower the heart rate, the beats per minute are lower, or in the 110-120 range. Music used for the core part of a workout is chosen to get you “in the zone.” Whether you’re pumping iron, taking it to a step, salsa-ing, or punching it out, a healthy beat of between 120-160 bpm will keep your heart rate at its optimum rate, and produce a great cardio workout.

Be sure to try to match your music to your workout and/or your mood. While a workout is known to improve a mood, you have to get yourself to the point when those endorphins kick in. However, some really good music can help elevate the mood enough to get you to the point where you’ll actually consider the workout itself. Don’t underestimate the power of music when it comes to working out. Search for music with a slow calming beat for cool downs, stretching, or mat work like yoga. For warm-ups, slow is good, but it should be slow but building, to get the body ready for the workout phase. The middle is where the killer beat comes into play. It doesn’t matter what genre of music is used, as long as you like it. One of the coolest things are workout compilations that match music from a certain genre, or music with a certain number of bpm and their already assembled onto a single CD and ready to go. There are also CDs that combine warm-ups, main workouts and cool downs. Compilations remove the guesswork and are quite convenient. Just be sure to keep your music fresh in order to keep your workouts interesting.

There is no right or wrong, when it comes to workout music. Simply let your taste be your guide and remember to warm up slowly, cool down slowly, and have a great deal of fun in between.

Before scrolling, searching, or surfing for workout music to keep you moving, be sure to check with your physician to make sure all of that movement is a good thing!

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