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Wooden Pull Along Toys

Parenting and Child Care

Wooden pull along toys are a natural, traditional choice for youngsters learning to walk. They're interesting, strong toys that will aid your child along his individual developmental path, helping to build gross motor skills, provide entertainment, and companionship. When shopping for wooden toys, keep a few important things in mind. Wooden toys have been entertaining and teaching children for centuries, but they aren't all created equal.

Wooden Pull Along Toys - Buying Tips

  • Choose toys that are age appropriate. Pull along toys use rope or string that may become tangled around a toddler's neck, so use caution in the toys you select. Most toys are rated by age group, and it's important to stay within these guidelines when choosing toys for your child. Review toy packaging carefully for this and other useful information, including the materials from which toys are made, additional cautions and recommendations.
  • Buy quality wooden toys. Select solid hardwood toys that are free of sharp corners, hinges that could pinch, pointed tips, or long narrow sections that could splinter.
  • Buy pull along toys that are easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Buy from manufacturers you trust. Major manufacturers and many that specialize in wooden toys will have dedicated websites where you can find information and customer support.
  • Source toys with safety in mind. Wherever possible, look for notifications on the box that toys have been tested for lead paint contamination. Consider spending a little more for all natural toys that use vegetable dyes and wax or non-toxic varnish finishes instead of paint.
  • Review watchdog and government toy sites regularly for the latest safety information. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's toy recall page is one valuable resource you can check.
  • Evaluate new and used toys carefully to verify that all components are attached securely. Check paint and varnish finishes for peeling or cracking. Inspect all wooden toys periodically to make sure that the wood is smooth and free of splinters and insect activity too. Always supervise children who are playing with pull along toys.
  • Buy from manufacturer's who support sustainable wood harvesting practices whenever possible to insure that healthy and natural wooden toys will be available for future generations to enjoy.

Wooden pull along toys will help your child develop while entertaining him at the same time. Make sure you buy the best and safest toys available by following these simple rules.

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