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Wireless Security Uses Superior Technology

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When it comes to installing a home security system, two main options prevail above all others: wired or wireless. Determining which type of system to install can often be a bit of a challenge, especially if you are unfamiliar with the components, installation, and maintenance of both. In all of these areas, wireless security is ultimately superior to its wired counterpart. Wireless systems offer several benefits that wired systems fail to provide, including:

  • Protecting a large area
  • Are easy to modify
  • Are ultimately less expensive
  • Have no wires for burglars to cut
  • Automatically alert authorities when an intrusion occurs

Protecting a Larger Area

Unlike wired security systems that limit home protection to the physical home, wireless security offers many more options for securing your entire property instead of just the house. Because wireless alarms require no physical wires to run throughout the entire perimeter of the property, the can easily secure a much larger area than wired systems can. As a result, a wireless home security system can alert homeowners and the police that an intrusion has occurred before the intruder ever even reaches one’s home.

Easy to Modify

Another benefit that wireless security offers over its wired counterpart is the fact that it is easy to modify if you decide to make changes after initial installation. For example, if you decide you want to add another motion detector or more protection points in the future, adding these components is extremely easy with wireless systems. With wired systems, however, such additions can be somewhat complicated, as they require an electrician to rewire the system.

Less Expensive

While wireless alarm systems may require a bit more of an initial investment than wired ones, especially when installed in an existing home, they require less maintenance long-term and are therefore a wiser investment. In addition, it can easily get expensive if you try to install a wired system in a home that is already built. While installing wiring in a home in the middle of construction, tearing out the drywall and running wires throughout an existing home requires the expertise of an electrician, which can require a sizeable investment. Since wireless systems do not use wires, they only require a few bolts and screws to install, which makes the installation process much more affordable.

No Wires to Cut

One of the main benefits of wireless security systems is that they use no physical wires, which means burglars are unable to disable the system by cutting the wires. Instead, they rely on radio waves, which serve as a type of invisible wiring, to connect protection points. Wireless alarms also have a battery backup that maintains protection regardless of whether the electricity is working.

To find out how the superior technology of wireless security could benefit you, it can be helpful to consult with a professional security company, as they can make suggestions based on your specific needs and circumstances.

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