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A Wired Home Security System Is Superior

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For many homeowners, home security is a paramount concern, especially with home invasion crimes such as burglary on the rise. It is more important than ever to take measures to protect and secure your home and valuable belongings. One of the best ways to go about this is to install a monitored home security system, as such a system activates a siren and alerts authorities as soon as a burglar attempts to enter your home. When deciding on the best alarm system for your home, two main options present themselves: wired and wireless.

While each type of system offers certain advantages and disadvantages, a wired home security system is ultimately more reliable and cost-effective. While it may require more time in effort for installation, a wired home security system far makes up for this initial inconvenience in longevity and minimal maintenance. Some of the main benefits of wired security systems are:

  • Often pre-installed in homes
  • Less susceptible to interference
  • Allows for greater distance between devices


Because of its reliability, a wired home security system is often pre-installed in pre-owned homes. This not only raises the value of the home, but also allows new homeowners to save money on homeowners’ insurance premiums. Wired systems are best when installed in houses being built since installation involves running wires through all the walls. Because they do not rely on batteries like wireless security systems do, wireless home security systems are much more reliable.

Less Interference

In addition, a wired home security system is less susceptible to the interference that often occurs with their wireless counterparts. Because wireless systems rely on radio waves to connect each protection point, it is much easier for signals from other electronic appliances to interfere with the radio signals in the wireless system and create false alarms. This is not a problem with wired systems, as the signals are sent through insulated wires instead of through radio waves.

Distance between Devices

Another benefit that a wired home security system offers over a wireless one is the fact that it allows for greater distance between each component. Wireless security system components must be relatively close together since the radio waves connecting them can only travel so far. Wired systems, in contrast, have physical wires to connect each protection point, so distance is not an issue when dealing with reliability.

A wired home security system often requires an initial investment that may be more time-consuming and expensive than installing a wireless system. However, the reliability it offers is well worth the cost. Over time, a wired home security system requires less maintenance and is much more likely to keep homeowners safe when they need it most.

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