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What Is Wine Bar Food?

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Wine bar food is rarely intended to be a full dinner or meal, although many people have discovered the unique tastes and culinary delights that wine bar food has to offer and have taken to ordering multiple small dishes at wine bars and making that their main meal. Wine bar food tends to be on the fancier end of the culinary spectrum, as wine bars themselves usually aim for an upscale and chic atmosphere. However, there are many different types of wine bars, from the casual to the fancy, and the wine bar food served at each may differ.

What is Wine Bar Food?

While every wine bar is different, the primary focus of most of these establishments is the extensive wine list and drink selection. Wine drinking is an art, and wine lovers enjoy sampling different bottles and flavors of wine. Wine bars often schedule tastings to highlight good wines, or even hold vertical tastings which allow patrons to sample a series of wines from a particular vineyard or grape that were produced in different years. Therefore, the wine list or wine selection is often the largest and most exciting menu at many wine bars.

However, because food and wine go well together and because people often enjoy nibbling on delicious treats while sipping wine, most wine bars do offer food as well. Some wine bars double as restaurants, and in such cases, the wine bar food may consist of a full menu with appetizers, soups and salads, dinners and deserts. The wine bar food served at wine bars that double as restaurants is very similar to food you'd get at any other upscale dining establishment, and you'll need to call ahead to find out in particular the type of wine bar food your local wine bar is serving.

More commonly, however, wine bar food consists of hors de ouevres or snack type foods. Wine bar food has become sort of a version of the Spanish concept of Tapas, although the food isn't always Spanish. Light and delicious snacks, ranging from Olives and unique breads and bruschetta, to tantalizing appetizers such as fried calamari or phyllo-dough wrapped goodies, are all common wine bar food depending on the venue. At such a wine bar, you can plan on making these treats- which tend to come in smaller portions- a snack before your dinner or a whole meal by ordering several to share with friends. One of the main benefits of wine bar food is these smaller portions which allow you to try multiple different foods and which contribute to the communal atmosphere of sharing food and wine with a group of good friends.

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