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What is the Difference Between a Hotel Suite and a Room?

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Hotels use different labels to refer to the different types of accommodations that they offer. In general, a hotel room refers to just that ? a single room, and a suite refers to either an extra-large room or a series of connected rooms. A standard hotel room usually includes two queen or king size beds, so that it accommodates up to four people.

In addition, most hotels offer rollaway cots for an extra charge, that they can bring up to your room to accommodate another person. Standard hotel rooms also come with private bathrooms, and usually include a dresser, cable television, a writing desk, and a sitting chair. Depending on the quality of the hotel, a standard room can range from cramped and tight to rather luxurious.

Hotel suites come in a wide range of sizes. A standard hotel suite usually includes a bedroom that is separated from a living area, as well as at least one private bathroom. Hotel suites can include several bedrooms and bathrooms, and even private kitchens, balconies or patios, offices, and more.

Basically, a hotel suite is like a small, fancy apartment that is intended to accommodate a large party or family that wants to stay together. Hotel suites are also terrific for business travelers or guests who will be staying at a hotel for long periods of time. That's because suites feel more like home, allowing guests to relax on the couch, cook their own dinners, and have the amount space and level of comfort that they would in their own house.

Many hotels also offer junior suites, which are a hybrid of a standard room and a larger suite. Most junior suites include a standard bedroom area and a small living area. Sometimes they are all housed in one long room, and other times they are separated into different rooms. Many junior suites also feature fold-out sofa beds to accommodate additional guests.

Be sure to inquire about the details before booking a junior suite at a hotel. Both junior suites and regular suites can be a fun option for groups that are traveling together, and they may even help to save money. Sometimes it costs less to reserve a suite than to reserve two or more hotel rooms. It's a good idea to price out all options before making a reservation.

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