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What is Super - Chlorination

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Although it’s technically not accurate, super-chlorination is a term that is often used interchangeably with swimming pool shock. For most people, shocking a swimming pool involves super-chlorination, but some people choose to disinfect their pools with bromine instead of chlorine. For those people shocking involves the use of potassium peroxymonosulfate, a non-chlorine shock. But for people with chlorine pools or salt pools, super-chlorination and shocking are the same thing.

Super-chlorination is an important part of swimming pool maintenance because it keeps your chlorine at the right level to effectively kill off bacteria and other contaminants. At times your chlorine needs a boost to continue performing effectively, particularly when it comes to removing ammonia from your pool.

Ammonia most commonly enters your pool as swimmer waste, such as sunscreen, sweat, saliva, etc. It can also enter in the form of lawn fertilizers blown in by the wind. The reason ammonia is a problem for pools is because it combines with the chlorine to form chloramines and renders the chlorine ineffective at killing the contaminants in your pool. Testing will still show your pool to have the right amount of chlorine, but it will not actually be doing what it is supposed to. Super-chlorinating your pool will take care of this problem.

Super-chlorinating your pool with pool shock is a common way to disinfect your pool. Chlorine pool owners generally use either calcium hypochlorite or lithium hypochlorite for super-chlorination. By adding a heavy amount of chlorine to your pool you can kill off the harmful contaminants and rid your pool of ammonia. This is best done in the evening to prevent the extra chlorine from evaporating in the sun and because you won’t be able to use your pool for eight hours after adding chlorine shock.

Super-chlorination should be a weekly part of your swimming pool maintenance program. You can also super-chlorinate more often if you have a heavy rain that can carry or wash contaminants into your pool or if your pool experiences heavy usage. Frequent pool use allows more swimmer waste into the water, requiring more frequent maintenance.

Pool shock for super-chlorinating your water is available at any pool supply store or on-line retailer. Super-chlorination at regular intervals is a big part of keeping your water clear, clean and safe for use.

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