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What is Pampas Grass?

Lawn Care
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Pampas grass is a tall and striking form of grass that is often used for ornamental purposes. The grass gets its name from its native region in South America (the pampas) and grows in tussocks that can reach 10 feet in height. While pampas grass can serve as a beautiful accent for your lawn, it is important to weight the pros and cons before introducing it to your landscape. Keep reading to learn more about pampas grass so you can decide if it is right for your home.

Benefits of Pampas Grass

The main advantage of adding pampas grass to your home is the plant's attractiveness. The tall plumes add a distinct beauty to your lawn. They are often used frequently in flower arrangements. In terms of maintenance, pampas grass is an easy plant to keep healthy. It grows fast and requires minimal watering. More over, the grass is conducive with a wide variety of climate regions. The grass is especially fond of warm, moist temperature zones such as California and Hawaii.

Downsides of Pampas Grass

Many of the benefits of pampas grass are also its downsides. Due to the ease of growth and heartiness of the plant, it can often grow out of control and overtake lawns if not kept in check. Pampas plants germinate prolifically, which means a lawn with pampas runs the risk of unwanted growth elsewhere in the yard.

Due to its fast growth, pampas grass is actually considered an invasive species in some regions. This is because it can choke out native plants and overtake large geographical regions. While small tussocks of the plant can be appealing, an entire lawn is often considered unsightly. As such, if you are planning on introducing pampas grass to your landscape, then you should prepare for a fairly involved lawn maintenance program.

Maintaining Pampas Grass

Maintaining pampas grass requires vigilance. If you find the grass spreading, then it is important to uproot unwanted tussocks by digging up the entire root system. Small sprouts may be easily removed by hand if the soil is moist enough. If you have unwanted full-grown plants, then the deep root system can be very difficult to rip out. In many cases, you will need to hire a landscaping company to remove the offending plant with a cable and winch. To avoid such a measure, simply hiring a lawn care company for routine pampas maintenance is often the best route to go.

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