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What is Paint Primer?

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Paint primer is a unique type of paint that serves to improve paint adhesion. Typically, primer is used as an initial paint coat before the actual paint color is applied to a wall. Primer is not necessary for all painting jobs, but is often highly recommended. Learn about the importance of paint primer and when to use it.

Why Paint Primer is Important

Paint primer is designed to have enhanced filling and binding properties than that of traditional paint. This helps create an impenetrable seal between the actual wall and the wall paint. This is beneficial because porous wall surfaces frequently absorb the moisture of non-primer paint. This can result in poor adhesion and result in the need to apply numerous coats in order to achieve the intended new wall color. By using primer first, the number of required paint coats is often greatly reduced.

When to Use Paint Primer

Paint primer is recommended for any painting project that requires the painting of a surface that is either porous or textured. The classic material that is often associated with primer is wood. Wood walls or furniture are incredibly porous, and the rough nature of wood grain can often make paint adhesion exceptionally difficult. To make the project easier on you, the use of a wood primer may be well worth the investment. Without a primer coat, wood grain often shows through a paint job and can be visible underneath. Primer also helps seal wood away from moisture caused by rainstorms and other sources. This reduces the chance for rotting or mildewing of home structures.

Primer may also be helpful when painting other materials. Primer can help improve adhesion of smooth surfaces such as concrete, metal and plastic. Drywall is also a common wall material that may require priming.

Consider Hiring Professional Painters

For maximum paint adhesion, wall health and color, it is recommended you hire a professional painting company to perform your home remodeling for you. Professional painters have the expert knowledge necessary to decide the best course of action based on wall material and type of paint being applied. There are a number of different primer and paint formulas that can be used in combination at varying success rates. By employing a painting company, you can maximize your chances for success and ensure a job well done.

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