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What is Manscaping?

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If you've been wondering what is manscaping, the answer is simply the grooming of male body hair. Yes, much like landscapers meticulously groom and trim a lawn, manscapers shave and trim body hair. The practice of body hair removal has become fairly common among today's modern man. Keep reading to learn more about manscaping and why so many guys are doing it.

Manscaping – Top Trouble Spots

Though certainly not a universal rule, many guys these days strive to achieve a smooth back and neck. While some guys may like the look and feel of a smooth chest, a simple trim that reduces the length of chest hair tends to be more popular. Bushy or overgrown eyebrows are also common trouble spots for some guys.

Manscaping Techniques

Guys employ a number of techniques and products in their pursuit of body hair reduction. The two most popular options are shaving and waxing. Shaving may be a good option for trimming chest hair. Add on a trim guard, and an electric razor may also be ideal for trimming leg and arm hair without getting rid of it altogether.

Back hair shavers are available that come with longer handles to aid in reaching hard-to-reach places. However, a good portion of guys looking to get rid of back and shoulder hair opts for the easier choice of waxing. Waxing is most easily accomplished at a local salon or spa and serves as a more long-term option to shaving. Waxing may also be a good option for shaping unruly eyebrows.

Manscaping at a Salon

Though some men are hesitant to visit a salon or spa for manscaping, the truth is that a large portion of salon clientele these days is male. As such, there is really no shame in visiting your local salon for a routine eyebrow wax or back waxing. There are many reasons why visiting the salon may be a better option than at-home grooming. Of course, the primary benefit is that an experienced aesthetician will be performing the procedure for you. In many ways, this can minimize pain, improve results and greatly diminish the possibility of injury.

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