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What is Hydroseeding?

Lawn Care
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Hydroseeding is a specialized process for applying grass seed that incorporates seed, fertilizer, water and fiber mulch into a single slurry. When sprayed onto soil, the dampness of the slurry allows for improved adhesion for enhanced growth. The addition of the other ingredients also improves the germination process. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of hydroseeding.

Benefits of Hydroseeding

Seeding in general is viewed as a more cost-effective alternative to sodding. Of course, this means that you will have to wait a bit before your lawn has completely grown in. Hydroseeding speeds up the growing process so that you can enjoy your lawn quicker than can be achieved with traditional seeding. The mulch in the hydroseeding mixture helps the seed hold moisture so it is less susceptible to heat damage and wind erosion. Mulch and fertilizer also improve nutrient health of the soil for improved growth.

The average hydroseeding process costs approximately 60 to 75 percent less than sodding. The ability to seed with virtually any grass strain is another big advantage of the process.

What to Expect From Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is done with the help of a specialized hose. For best results, it is recommended you hire a landscaping company that specializes in the hydroseeding process. With the advanced knowledge of these experts, you will receive advice on the best time to spray, what type of grass to choose and other important factors that contribute to the long-term beauty of your lawn.

Once the hydroseed is applied, it is recommended you stay off the lawn as much as possible to minimize damage to the seed. You will also likely need to water the seed two to three times a day (discuss care advice with the landscaper). Also, be aware that the green dye present in the seed will fade after a few days. This is normal.

Depending on the strain of grass and other factors, you can expect your new lawn to be lush and full within four to eight weeks of initial hydroseeding. Your landscaper may recommend fertilizing the new lawn at the four- to six-week period. Once your grass has grown to a height of three to four inches, it is generally okay to mow your lawn for the first time.

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