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What is HTH Filter Cleaner?

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A big part of basic swimming pool maintenance is water filtration. Eventually, every pool filter, no matter whether it is a sand filter, a diatomaceous earth filter or a cartridge filter, will get dirty. HTH Filter Cleaner is a readily available product that cleans pool filters to keep them running at peak efficiency.

Over time, sun tan lotions, dust, dirt, algae and other particles can build up in the pool filter. They can clog the filter elements, preventing the filter from working properly and leaving the pool unsanitary. HTH Filter Cleaner is a liquid composed of a blend of various acids and chemicals that removes these contaminants from the filter. HTH Filter Cleaner is both biodegradable and non-corrosive, so it is harmless to your pool and your system.

To use HTH Filter Cleaner, remove the filtration element from the pool filter and rinse it with clean water. Mix two gallons of warm water with one quart of HTH Filter Cleaner, two quarts if the filter is exceptionally dirty, and soak the filtration element overnight. Rinse the filtration element and replace it.

HTH Filter Cleaner can also be used during the backwashing process. Once you set the valves to backwash, slowly add HTH Filter Cleaner, using one to two quarts, depending on the size of the filter. Continue to run the backwash until the water is clean and there is no visible foam.

In addition to Filter Cleaner, HTH also makes a variety of other pool maintenance products. Find HTH test kits and test strips to measure pH, available chlorine and other critical measurements in your pool. HTH Pool Care has different types of chlorine available along with other products for sanitizing your pool. HTH shock and algae prevention products also help keep your pool clean and clear. Along with pool care products, HTH also has a line of hot tub products and spa care products.

No matter what type of filter you use in your pool, HTH Filter Cleaner can keep it running at full capacity to make sure your water stays clean and sanitary. Filter Cleaner, in conjunction with other HTH maintenance products, will make sure your pool is safe and fun for use.

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