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What is Gunite?

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When it comes to swimming pools, gunite refers to the material used in constructing the walls and floor of the pool. Gunite is a blend of concrete and sand that mixes with water and is sprayed over steel reinforcements with a high-pressure gun. Gunite is quickly replacing plain concrete for pool construction and is one of three common in-ground swimming pool types, along with fiberglass and vinyl.

The biggest advantage of gunite swimming pools over fiberglass and vinyl pools is that gunite offers so much more freedom of design. With gunite swimming pools you can create unique designs that are not available with fiberglass pools or vinyl pools. Fiberglass swimming pools and vinyl swimming pools are prefabricated, so they offer limited choices of shapes and styles.

Custom pool builders use gunite because you can design a pool that has the shape and depth you want. Free form pools will use gunite. If you want steps built into the pool or footholds in the side of the pool that serve as a ladder, then gunite can make those features possible. Whatever you want, gunite pools can be completely customized. The downside of this is that cost of the custom gunite swimming pool features can skyrocket in a hurry.

Another of the disadvantages of gunite swimming pools is that it can allow algae to flourish more easily. The algae plants have a much easier time taking hold in the natural etchings of a gunite pool or the tiny wrinkles in a vinyl lining. By contrast, the smooth surface of a fiberglass pool makes it nearly impossible for algae to thrive. The presence of algae in your swimming pool, or even the possibility of algae, will lead to additional maintenance work and expense.

Finally, fiberglass and vinyl pools can go with you if you should decide to move. This is obviously not an easy process, but it can certainly be done. With gunite pools, once they are in they are there to stay.

When considering a backyard swimming pool, consider your budget and what you want from your pool to help you make the best decision on the type of pool you want. With a gunite pool you can create a custom backyard oasis but at a much higher cost than with a standard vinyl pool or fiberglass pool.

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