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What is Feline Triad Disease?

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If your cat is infected with feline triad disease, then you should know that your cat is suffering from a combination of the following three diseases: inflammatory bowel disease, liver disease and feline pancreatitis.

What is Feline Triad Disease?

Typically known to infect middle-aged or senior cats, feline triad disease occurs when certain inflamed cells spread in massive numbers within the pancreas, liver, intestines and/or stomach of your cat. The end result is discomfort for the cat. It is not known what causes the disease. Many people attribute it to a cat being of senior age. Research is continuously being conducted in order to better understand the disease and its possible causes.

If you have an older cat or suspect your cat may be suffering from feline triad disease, be on the look out for symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, respiratory difficulties, loss of appetite and disorientation. If you watch closely, you may notice that the symptoms are sporadic and tend not to have a long duration. It might be a good idea to record what you see, because the symptoms of feline triad disease may get progressively worse.

One of the main things that you should do if you suspect that your cat is infected with feline triad disease, is make an appointment with your veterinarian. Once there, the veterinarian will conduct a series of tests including, but not limited to, stool tests and blood tests. The results from these tests will better serve as a guidepost for the veterinarian to go by when determining whether or not the liver is functioning properly. From this point, depending on the results yielded from the other tests, the veterinarian may order that a biopsy, x-ray and ultrasound of the abdominal region be done. These visuals will help the veterinarian to better assess the damage inflicted upon the cat by the diseases.

If your cat is diagnosed with the disease, then a treatment plan will be put into effect. This includes the use of antibiotics, fluids and other immune-suppressant medications. Furthermore, your cat’s overall diet will be reviewed and re-invented. Just as a healthy and balanced diet is important to humans, it is important for cats to have a balanced and healthy diet as well. A special diet will be implemented by your veterinarian which may include elevated levels of potassium to treat the disease.

If you suspect that your cat may be afflicted with feline triad disease, you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

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