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What is Climate Controlled Storage?

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of climate controlled storage? Although many people assume that maintaining an even temperature is the only sure way to protect their valuables, there are different levels of risk, depending upon your geographic location and how long you need to keep your things stored. Knowing what kind of weather to expect , how long your things will be in storage, and the types of things you are storing will help you decide if climate controlled storage is a necessary extra expense for your storage needs.

Climate controlled storage can prevent damage to furniture, fabrics, electronics, artwork and many other valuables. Moisture can cause warping or mold in poorly ventilated places, particularly if you live in an unusually humid, hot or cold environment. Storage facilities that see a lot of shade or find themselves in more temperate climes, however, tend to be better environments to store your things.

You may need climate controlled storage if you are:

Climate controlled storage is available at many storage facilities, and not all of them offer the same caliber of care. Simply regulating the temperature isn't enough for artwork and clothing. For these you need a facility that manages a humidity as well. Depending on what part of the country you live in, mold, spores, bacteria and other pathogens may be more likely to leech into hardwoods and textiles over time in an unregulated storage environment.

Really what matters is what you're storing and what it's made of. Scorching summers and bitter winters can leave their mark on the hardiest items, though you may be storing items that wouldn't be affected by temperature extremes or humidity. Or if you only need to store things for a short duration, you may be able to use a basic storage space without climate control. Facilities that offer climate control do charge a premium for this type of space, but it may be well worth the cost, depending on what it is you need to store.

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