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What is Beryl?

Jewlery and Jewelers

Beryl is one of the most common types of minerals used for the purpose of jewelry. Pure beryl is clear in appearance. However, impurities in the mineral can result in a range of colors. Different varieties of beryl are classified based on these colors, and include aquamarine and emeralds. Learn about the many types of beryl, as well as the purported mystical powers of this popular gem family.

Types of Beryl

Beryl mineral with a tinted blue color is known as aquamarine. Aquamarine is commonly mined from Brazil, Russia, Zambia, Madagascar and other regions. Due to its widespread popularity, aquamarine is one of the most popular forms of beryl for jewelry.

Golden beryl, sometimes called heliodor, is a yellow variety of beryl. Morganite is a pink variety of the mineral. The colorless form of beryl is goshenite. However, goshenite is rarely used for the purposes of jewelry.

The most prized type of beryl is the emerald. Emeralds boast a rich, green color and a relative rarity that makes them more expensive then aquamarine. Red beryl, sometimes referred to as red emeralds, is similarly rare and also highly sought after.

Shopping for Beryl

Price ranges for beryl depend largely on the specific type. However, in general, emeralds, aquamarine and heliodor with darker coloring tend to be more valuable. It is not uncommon for emeralds to come with internal flaws or inclusions. Naturally, an emerald with no inclusions is more desirable then one with such flaws. Since aquamarine and emeralds can often be mistaken for one another, it is important to only deal with trustworthy jewelers when seeking to purchase beryl stones. Less expensive gems such as topaz and quartz may also be mistaken for various beryl varieties.

Traditions and Believed Healing Powers of Beryl

In the past, scholars wore beryl to boost their intelligence and famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci trusted in beryl to spur their creativity. While each variety of beryl may be linked to unique healing and mystical properties, beryl in general has also been associated with improved vitality and reduced susceptibility to injury. Beryl has a history of use for treatment of liver ailments and eye problems. The gem family is also commonly associated with love, and different varieties are linked to specific wedding anniversaries.

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