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What is an Apartment Alarm System?

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An apartment alarm system is an electronic installation designed to protect an apartment against unwanted intruders and burglars. If an intruder is detected, a number of warning devices may be triggered, including a silent alarm, loud sirens, and/or flashing lights. There are some limitations on the types of alarm systems because of the proximity of neighbors and possibly the layout of the apartment building.

Wireless alarm systems

Apartment residents can sometimes have difficulty installing full alarm systems in their home. Landlords often will not allow the necessary holes to be drilled in apartment to enable the alarm system's wires to be run through the residence; fortunately, wireless alarm systems are common in the market today, giving apartment renters an affordable and effective way of installing complete alarm systems in their home. These systems use a variety of methods, including sound, light, infrared imaging, and microwave pulses to detect motion; if movement above a programmed threshold is sensed, the central control panel triggers whatever security measures are installed. If proximity to other apartments restricts using a loud alarm, a silent alarm that contacts the police, coupled with bright flashing lights, will help scare off the intruder while also summoning help, in case of a particularly persistent burglar.

Stand-alone alarm sensors

If installing a full alarm system is not an option, there are small, stand-alone devices that can be purchased that provide a similar amount of protection for a lower price. Like the sensors in full alarm systems, these devices use infrared imaging, sound waves, or light to sense motion; once enough movement is detected, the device will trigger a flashing light or siren that will attract attention and frequently cause the intruder to panic and leave. These stand-alone sensors are battery powered, reducing installation costs; however, this also means that the device will have to be checked often in order to ensure that the batteries have not died.

Non-electronic alarm alternatives

If installing an apartment alarm system is not feasible, there are, of course, ways of deterring intruders without using alarm systems or other electronic devices. One of the easiest and most effective security systems is, simply, a dog – as long as it has a loud, intimidating bark – as long as it allowed by the lease. Another alternative is to use security signs and decals: even if there is no security system on the premises, a burglar will frequently not attempt a break-in, not wanting to risk the possibility of setting off the apartment alarm system and attracting attention.

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